sick kids

Sometimes it seems like it is hardly worth trying to work for a living because the kids keep getting sick.  When the kids are school age, they seem to get sick a lot, and then I have to stay home from work too.  Sometimes I start to wonder…

Creating Therapeutic Games

I have not posted anything about inventing in years, but I have been going full force on my therapy games.  After bringing out the baby product, Hug 'n Hold, and spending more money on it than I will ever make on it, I have determined…

interesting inventing website

I stumbled across this website, and found it entertaining.  Lots of invention information, and history of inventions.  

Requirements to being a mom inventor

So, I should fill you in on some of the requirements to being a mom inventor.  For starters, you have to keep really odd hours.  In general, you work when the kids are asleep.  For some moms, this means staying up late.  I am a morning person,…