cool new material to make therapy stuff out of

I have discovered this great new material that is easy to use to make some positioning chairs out of. It is called coroplast, and it is a corrugated plastic that looks like cardboard, but is plastic. It is what advertising signs are made out of. I got the idea to use it because people use it to make the bottom of guinea pig cages out of, and I got some for that. I realized how sturdy it can be, easy to cut, easy to glue or tape together, and easy to clean. I have a little guy that I treat for Occupational Therapy, and he has trouble sitting upright, so I made him a little high chair insert for his high chair.

First I cut it to size, and hot glued three pieces together to make it sturdier.

Then I cut holes in the right places for straps.

Then I hot glued velcro onto it so that I could velcro pieces of pool noodle on it to use as lateral supports and as head supports. I don’t have pictures of this process. I made the straps adjustable in the back using velcro as well.

I don’t have a very good picture of the final product but you can get an idea of how it works.

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