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Chocolate Filled Strawberries and Cherries

I stocked up on fruit yesterday and have a lot of strawberries and cherries.  As I was having my daughter wash and cut some strawberries for lunch, she and a friend were saying how great it would be to fill them with chocolate since they were hollow.  I jumped on that idea, and found some cream cheese in the fridge, mixed it with some melted chocolate chips and some powdered chocolate milk mix.

chocolate strawberries 1

We put the chocolate cream mixture into a pastry bag and filled the strawberries.

chocolate strawberries 2 While we were at it, we decided to pit some of the cherries and fill them with chocolate too.

chocolate cherries 1 They were soooo yummy.

chocolate cherries 2 chocolate cherries 3

Really delicious, and so easy to do spur of the moment.  You can bet that I will be doing it again, and the nesquick mix was great to add the chocolate flavor.

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