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Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jump to recipe I kind of thought that most chocolate chip cookies were the same and they would all be delicious, but it turns out that is not the case. I recently made some from a different recipe and they were good, but really not great. Usually when we make cookies, they disappear really fast […]

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Creating habits are hugely important for clearing the clutter of life. I have been jogging/walking again in the mornings to work on clearing the excess clutter from my body and I am pleased with the establishment of this habit. I seem to do best in establishing a habit if I do it every day. It […]

Clearing Life’s Clutter

When you have a busy life, there are so many things that are the priority to do that you tell yourself that you will get around to putting that away, or dealing with this, and so the clutter in life starts Dto pile up. As you go through tlife, the piles get more prolific and […]


Cherry Oat Muffins

It is so easy to make delicious and healthier muffins using ingredients you have at home and frozen fruit. These muffins were made using frozen cherries, and I have also made them with strawberries and blueberries. I added some oats to decrease the amount of flour that is used, and I replaced half of the […]


The Best Sweet and Yummy Salsa

This recipe was changed and updated 7/12/2019. It has less sugar and more spice to it. I am not a fan of spicy, but I do love a great melding of flavors. I love a salsa that I can scoop a big hunk of and eat it on a chip. if it is too spicy […]


Super Easy Best Pasta Sauce Ever

A couple of years ago, we were at some friend’s house, and the teen girls were cooking different recipes, and my friend took my 12 year old son in hand and had him help make her pasta sauce. My son enjoyed the cooking process, and he begged me later to get the recipe so that […]


Guinea Pigs and Cages

Guinea Pigs make good pets, and we had a couple of them a few years ago. We did a lot of research before buying them, and found out that they need a lot of space, they don’t climb or jump, and they are not very inteligent. They are very cute little creatures, and they squeek […]

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Outside guinea pig cage

When we got our guinea pigs, I found out that they needed a lot of space for their cage since they don’t climb. They have a nice big cage in the family room, which you can read about here. In order to maximize their fresh air, thought that it might be nice for them to […]


The Cure To a Rough Day

Sitting in a long boring meeting, I had to convince myself that I could make it through. I had to use the behavior techniques on myself that are typically used with the kids that I work with, which is a first-then card. First I have to endure the meeting, then I get to have an […]

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Sun Tea

We really love iced tea in our house, and making sun tea is a great way to enjoy your tea.  It’s nice to have the sun do all of the work while I go enjoy the day and do some things with the kids. I put in 12 cups of water, almost 1 cup of […]


Yummy Yogurt and Cherries

I had quite a bit of success a while back with losing weight doing the Flat Belly Diet, and it is time for me to start thinking about that again.  One of my favorite breakfasts that helped me succeed on the diet is yummy yogurt and cherries.  I keep a huge bag of frozen cherries […]