It has been a lot

My daughter has been through a lot of medical stuff in the last few weeks, and has come through it all like a trouper, and has hardly blinked at it. It started near the beginning of september. School had been in for a couple of weeks, and she announced that her eyes have been blurry for the whole two weeks of school. She was hoping that it would get better. Nope, my little 10 year old now wears glasses. She picked out some very cute ones. Her best friend at school told her not to let me pick them out. Apparently, I don’t have good taste according to that age bracket.
Next, a week later, M was playing basketball, and tripped over her friend’s leg, fell down and broke her arm. It is not a very bad break, non-displaced buckle fracture of the distal ulna, but it is still a break. The doctor sent us home originally in a soft wrist brace used for carpal tunnel because he couldn’t see the break on the x-rays. Before we even got home, there was a message on the machine that the radiologist had looked at it and it was broken, and to wear the brace for 3 weeks. M’s arm was hurting like crazy, so I got out a more supportive brace which helped. If we had called the doctor, I am sure that he would have made a brace out of cast material for her, but in my experience with both of C’s (7 year old son) broken arms, the cast material is heavy and uncomfortable. Being the Occupational Therapist that I am, I just ordered a sample pack of splint material, and made her a very cool blue splint out of aquaplast. It is supportive, light, washable, and cool.

blue splint
arm splint
Then the next week, M’s ear has been hurting, and it turns out to be an external ear canal infection. We put antibiotic ear drops in her ear, but when we are done with the full course of drops, her ear is still hurting. We get it checked, and now it is a middle ear infection. We start on a course of antibiotics for that, and M is feeling nauseous, and missing school because she feels so sick. The doctor doesn’t think that it could be because of the antibiotics, but says to stop them and see. She is feeling better now. I think it was the antibiotics. Poor kid.

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