studying spelling the easy way

My son, C, is 7, and a terrible speller. I have always been a good speller, and M has not had to do a lot of extra studying to get good grades in spelling. C can go over and over the words many times and still get a lot of them wrong. Look at this.

It is a really good grade on his spelling test. Part of his homework (that I give him) each night is to play games on a hand held game device called the didj. It is a new game made by leapfrog, and I can go on their website, pick from their list of spelling words, and upload his spelling words for the week from their website onto his handheld. Then he plays games that incorporate his spelling words. Apparently it has worked. We have not stopped doing the spelling practice, but have added another dimension of spelling practice. An added bonus is that he gets his homework done fast so that he can play the didj. It was not cheap, but definitely has helped. You can use it the same way for math and english too, but right now we are just using it for spelling. We will probably add the others later. Especially next year in 3rd grade when they have to memorize times tables.  They have math games and spelling games and english games.  A great way to study.

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