Guinea Pigs and Cages

Guinea Pigs make good pets, and we had a couple of them a few years ago. We did a lot of research before buying them, and found out that they need a lot of space, they don’t climb or jump, and they are not very inteligent. They are very cute little creatures, and they squeek whenever they hear my voice (they always want lettuce). The girl is black and white and her name is Shasta, and the boy is tortoise shell, and his name is puddles. Here are some pictures.



It turns out that guinea pigs require a lot of space as they are very large rodents (compared to hamsters and rats). We adopted them from someone near us , and they came with a cage made of cubes and coroplast. I made a bigger cage, and did some decorating to store all of their equipment under the cage. I used a lot of black spray paint. I am also proud of the bins on the shelves under the cage as they are just clear plastic bins, painted with a plastic primer, then spray painted with a paint called hammered in bronze. It turned out looking really good. Here are pictures of the cage layout. The first two are the original cage, and the next two are the new cage.


An interesting guinea pig site is guinea pig cages.com.   The guinea pig cages site now has a store, which is great. I have also created a huge outside cage for the Guinea Pigs to hang out in when the weather is nice.  It gives them more space and I think minimizes the mess because it is not all in one place (guinea pigs poop and pee a lot).

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